TeaGood quality orange pekoe teas are available in 2 cup bags either loose, or tagged and wrapped. The tea is usually served to the customer with a pot of steaming hot water, a porcelain cup or mug and a small pitcher of milk. A loose teabag can be placed directly into the teapot of hot water or a tagged and wrapped teabag can be served on a plate alongside the teapot. More of our dining room and coffee shop accounts are buying their teabags individually wrapped. We carry several orange pekoe teas in loose 2 cup teabags and tagged and wrapped 2 cup teabags. As well we carry the full line of Higgins and Burke gourmet teas, NUMI premium teas and Pixie Mate Yerba Mate teas, all tagged and wrapped teabags. These are higher quality teas and offer more choices including black tea, green tea, white tea and herbal blends. NUMI and Pixie Mate are the highest quality teas we sell. The complete NUMI line is now 100% organic with several teas Fair Trade Certified as well. Pixie Mate teas are also organic. These wrapped teabags are intended for one to two cups and the preferred serving method is alongside a teapot of very hot water.