The difference between the most expensive and the least expensive coffees is .10-.20 per cup. This is comparing a 3.95 per pound tin of 1kg coffee and a high quality organic certified, fair trade certified Arabica like our specialty roasted coffees averaging 9.95 per pound wholesale. The 6.00 difference divided by an average of 40 cups per pound is .15 per cup. If you want to be a leader amidst your competition you must position yourself with a higher quality coffee and focus on keeping the ten rules we outline on page 11. There are ways to keep your costs down rather than skimping on the amount of coffee you put in the brew basket. Curb your waste by not having more brewed coffee on hand than you will sell in a short time period. A smaller selection of 2-3 high quality coffees is more preferable than 4-5 coffees that are not all fresh. The advantage of buying higher quality is consistency and flavour in the cup. This means repeat business. Follow the lead of the successful franchise stores. Serve a great coffee, serve it fresh and serve it in attractive glassware or take out cups. When you decide to make coffee a priority rather than another item on the menu, you are giving value and will begin to establish a loyal customer following.