You may have noticed that if you go into a restaurant or café they typically all have similar brewing equipment. Bunn Brewers have been around since the 1950’s. Throughout that time, Bunn has made many adjustments and improvements to their equipment.

In 1950 home brewing machines hadn’t been created. If you were to brew coffee, it would be through a percolator. The home coffee brewer wasn’t introduced to the world until 1972, allowing you to brew coffee in the comfort of your home in only three minutes. Following the home coffee brewer, Bunn launched the single cup home brewer in 2004. Now customers would have the convenience of only brewing a single cup instead of an entire pot. They launched the “Smart Wave” brewer for commercial use, for better extraction in 2007, moving on to improve their commercial brewers once again for quality and speed in 2008. Bunn launched their super automatic espresso machine with patented tamping in 2013, along with adding hundreds of technicians to their support line.

Throughout the years Bunn has grown from a small family owned company, into a reliable company providing quality coffee equipment to over 89 countries. Here at Nova Coffee we help guide our new customers through the process of setting up a new café or restaurant, and recommend buying a Bunn Brewer for your serving needs.

For commercial use, there are several different aspects to consider when choosing equipment. Glass pots used to be seen in every café / diner or restaurant, now it is more likely you will see a stainless-steel server. Stainless steel servers are double walled to keep your coffee hot for every cup you pour. The handheld server is a 1.9L pot. If you’re not doing table service, there are other options available to you.

The Bunn Airpot allows easy pouring for customers to self serve themselves but keeping coffee hot. The Airpot has a push lever on the top of it, allowing for coffee to be drawn up the dispense tube from the bottom of the pot. The Airpot is 2.5L.

The Thermal Gravity Server is also a great option for commercial use. This product also allows for customers to easily pour their own coffee but can be used in the environment of your choice. Thermal Gravity pots require a stand to be placed beneath. You can purchase different size stands to allow for a variety of cup sizes to fit below. The Thermal Gravity pot dispenses using a push button on the bottom of the brewer. Additionally, the pot also contains a sight tube on the front of the pot, so that you’re never wondering how much coffee you have left.  The thermal gravity server is 2.5L.

The direction you wish to take in your serving equipment will determine which Bunn Brewer would best fit your needs. Bunn creates serving products so that you can brew coffee directly into them. Thus, eliminating the step of transferring the hot product.

Another question to ask yourself when choosing the proper brewing equipment, is if you would like to grind coffee on site. Here at Nova Coffee, we offer to grind the coffee before shipping it to you if you do not have a coffee grinder at your location. If you are to do a high volume of fresh brewed coffee, you might opt to have a brewer that has a grinder attached to it. This would allow you to grind fresh for an individual pot each time.

If you have a high retail volume, you may choose to have a separate grinder. Offering only whole bean coffee with free grinding services will save you shelf space and give you the opportunity to communicate with the customer. Having a grinder on site will also allow you to fulfill all your customer’s grinder needs. While Bunn Brewers typically require a flat bottom filter, there are many ways to brew coffee now! The Chemex, espresso machines, and the French press all require a different grind.

These facts are something to consider when buying proper brewing equipment. We can help you choose what is best for you! Send us an email to with any questions you may have.