Are you new to the coffee world? Not quite sure what roast is best suited for you? Let us help!

When choosing the right coffee for your café or dining room, you want to look at your surrounding coffee culture. Most cafes will offer two or three roast choices to best suit their customer’s needs. You will need to figure out how many coffee choices you plan to offer.

We offer five different roasts. Light, Medium, Medium-Dark (Full City) Dark, Very Dark and a variety of different blended coffees. We offer coffees that are blended as green beans and roasted together, but we also offer coffees that are roasted individually and blended afterwards!

Light roasts are usually tan in colour and lack an oily texture. Tasting notes often include citrus, fruit and floral notes. Light roast beans are the most acidic coffee beans and the least bold.

Medium roasts are usually a cinnamon colour. These beans should also lack an oily texture. Tasting notes often include caramel, cream, and toasted grains. Medium roast beans are a nice balance between body and acidity, creating a smooth coffee.

Medium Dark roasts sometimes known as Full City roasts, are usually a milk chocolate colour. These beans may be slightly oily depending on how long they have been packaged before consumption. Tasting notes often include chocolate, nuts, and smoke. Medium Dark roast beans should have a bold flavour with very little acidity, yet still produce a smooth cup of coffee.

Dark roasts are often seen as a dark chocolate colour, a deep rich chestnut brown. These beans will look oily and produce a rich robust cup of coffee. Tasting notes often include earthy components, black pepper, chocolate and nuts. You will receive little to no acidity in this cup of coffee, but a very full and bold taste

Very Dark roasts are a deep brown and sometimes nearly black in colour. These beans will be very oily and produce no acidity. Tasting notes often include smoke, tobacco and cedar.

This flavour wheel is an excellent resource while cupping!

Tasting notes are what are naturally found within your coffee. These notes are NOT additives to the coffee. Tasting notes are very subtle hints of identifiable tastes in the coffee. Coffee tasting is a lot like wine tasting! In this aspect, not all beans from different origins will create the same flavour profile using the same roast. When choosing a coffee, you should narrow down which roast(s) you’d like to offer and sample coffees from different origins!

Next you need to decide if you’d like to have a single origin roast or one of the blended coffees. Single origins have a taste that is unique to the growing region. Blended coffees have a taste that is more balanced. Some of our coffees are blended as green beans and then roasted (in the roast profiles listed above). Some of our coffees are blended after roasting. Blending after roasting means that some of our coffees have a light and a dark roast in one bag! This technique creates a unique flavour to appeal to a large variety of customers.

Most of our coffee is Organic Fair Trade.  Organic coffee is grown using no chemicals or pesticides, however besides being spray free, farmers must also use 100% all-natural fertilizer. Along with growing coffee in natural fertilizers, organic certification states that the three years prior to growth there is to be no pesticides in the ground!  Non-organic coffees do not need to meet the same requirements as organic ones.  All our coffees are Arabica Coffee, meaning they are all grown at a higher altitude!

Will you serve decaf? We offer two roasts of decaf coffee. A light roast which is recommended for regular brewing, and a dark roast that is tailored to an Espresso finish. Both roasts are single origin coffees from Peru. These coffees are decaffeinated with a natural process at Swiss Water Decaf located in British Colombia Canada. Swiss Water Decaf cleans the coffee using only pure water. The coffee is then introduced to a Green Coffee Extract (GCE), both the coffee and the GCE travel through carbon filters until the beans are 99% caffeine free!

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