Throughout the year we have seen several different coffee trends. In the last year, we have seen a decrease in things like K-cups and a spike in more sustainable brewing apparatuses. Customers who love the convenience of their K-cup coffee have turned to buying a reusable filter, allowing them to use any brand of coffee and still have a cup of coffee ready in mere seconds.

Not only are consumers choosing to brew more sustainably but they are also looking for more ethically sourced coffee. More and more people are looking for organic coffees and willing to pay the price that’s associated with them. At the same time many diverse coffee shops are opening that are offering micro-lot coffees or “third wave” coffees to appease their customers.

Younger generations, or what is more commonly referred to as millennials, are now looking to purchase more specialty coffee. While in some of the older generations people focused more on price than quality, we have seen that change in 2017. Consumers are now looking for a specialty coffee that has unique tasting notes, and the conversation that surrounds that. Many roasteries are now roasting their micro-lots to a lighter profile, to keep in line with the “third wave” coffee trend, but to also bring out a fuller roast profile and highlight the unique qualities of the coffee. Light roasts were once referred to as “morning coffees” with this new trend people are loving the acidic profiles and drinking it all day long! Here at Nova Coffee, we offer a selection of roasts from light – very dark. Something for everyone!

Customers no longer seem to just want a brewed cup of coffee, they want a cup of coffee brewed in a Chemex or a Pour Over and to chat with their barista and learn about the coffee!

As for popularity in coffee devices, Chemex and Aeropress sales have taken off! People are loving the clean attractive glass and wood combination that the Chemex offers, and the simplicity of the brewing method. The Chemex allows consumers to choose how many cups they would like to brew at a time, while adding a certain level of décor to their kitchen or preparation space. Both bleached and unbleached filters are available for the Chemex as well as a variety of accessories to compliment your brewing process. Chemex offers a variety of sizes, so you can comfortably choose the size to meet your needs!

The Aeropress is certainly one of the most convenient brew methods for travellers, this light weight plastic BPA free device only requires coffee and hot water (Tip:  many cafes and restaurants will give you hot water for free!). The Aeropress makes an 8oz cup of coffee and is easily cleaned. Both paper and a reusable filter are available for the Aeropress.

While cold speciality drinks have always been popular, in 2017 Cold Brew coffee grew significantly in sales. In the United States, Cold Brew sales increased by 80%! Much of the sales going to people between the ages of 14-40. Cold Brew’s natural sweet flavour and various recipes for use make this simple beverage go a long way. Additionally, Cold Brew is eye-appealing. Many cafes serving it out of a keg with a nitro tap connected (this will make your coffee look like a Guinness!) or in a stylish glass bottle that catches the eye in a display case.

Many consumers are now looking to make their own cold brew, in the comfort of their home. The “Toddy Cold Brew System” was created by Todd Simpson and is an inexpensive home brewing device. Todd is sometimes considered as “the maker that started it all”. The Toddy brand has been in business for over 50 years! The cold brew machine comes with a glass decanter, filters, rubber stopper and recipe guide.

Unlike the “third wave” coffees that are becoming more popular, cold brew coffee has significantly less acidity due to the brew method. Cold brew coffee is extracts some of the fatty acids and different oils out of the coffee which would usually develop when emerged in hot water. The result being a deliciously balanced coffee that is distinctively smooth.