While coffee is of course an all-time favourite, it’s reality that if you have a café or restaurant you have to offer a variety of non-coffee beverages. This year I have noticed a spike in tea drinks, as well as several more health-based beverages. If you’re wondering what you should have on your menu, look no further!

CHAI LATTES: While chai lattes have been around for a while, different locations make them in different ways.  The versatility of this drink is perfect to customize to your client base. We offer several different options of chai, including powder, liquid and tea bags!

A traditional chai latte would have chai tea steeped, with syrups or flavourings of your choice to create sweetness, and spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. The nice thing about steeping tea to create this drink is that you can easily create a caffeine free option by using Rooibos Chai instead of traditional black tea!

David Rio chai mixes have grown in popularity. Tiger Spice Chai is a powdered mix that you pour directly into your steaming pitcher with milk of your choice. Tiger Spice Chai has added spices so that the strong flavour of the beverage really comes through the milk! David Rio also makes a powdered mix called Power Chai. This too is made to be mixed in your pitcher with the milk of your choice, the difference being that this powder is organic and vegan!

Liquid mixes are also popular. Brands like Oregon Chai (organic), and The Chai Company are easy to mix with milk. Pour directly into the steaming pitcher with milk of your choice! For easy measuring, designate a measuring tool to be solely used for measuring your chai. This will help you create consistency with your employees. Top with the spices of your choice and serve.


LONDON FOG: It is unusual now for you to walk into a café and not see London Fog on the menu. This timeless drink consists of steeped Earl Grey tea, vanilla syrup and the steamed milk of your choice. The bergamot comes through with delicacy throughout this tasty beverage! What is great about this beverage is that the customer can substitute any tea you offer to create the tea latte of their choice! Try creating different tea lattes by switching up your tea and syrup flavours.


MATCHA LATTE: Matcha has taken the world by storm with its avid heath properties. Included in it’s health properties are its antioxidant qualities and that it boosts the metabolism. These delicate tea leaves are only harvested once a year in the early spring. They are then steamed, dried and cut up to remove the stems. This tea is then finely ground and prepared for drinks, creating a smooth green powder. Aiya Matcha is lightly sweetened and easily prepared by mixing in 2oz of hot water and then added to the hot milk of your choice.


TURMERIC MILK: Another popular drink with health benefits! This bright yellow spice was commonly used in Asia for dye before it was recognized for its benefits in food. The main ingredient in Turmeric is Curcumin, known for its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant prosperities.   To make this beverage, steam your Turmeric directly into your pitcher with the milk of your choice. This beverage should be sweetened unless specified otherwise. Try adding different flavoured syrups (vanilla or cinnamon are popular!), honey or cane sugar to your drink.


HOT CHOCOLATE: Hot chocolate is a must have on your menu. Not only is it easy to make but it pleases all generations. Hot chocolate can vary in kinds (dark, white, etc.) Try playing around with adding small portions of different flavoured syrups to come up with a drink special. Remember to watch your portions, however if you do slip up it’s unusual to receive a complaint for this already sweet beverage.


All the above drinks can be made by utilizing your espresso machine without making any espresso! Try some of these trendy drinks with adding one or two shots of espresso in, this changes the tastes of the beverage and might give you that extra boost you need to get through the day.


Though not only trendy in 2017, smoothies and frappuccino’s are still as popular as ever. These beverages do not require the use of an espresso machine, but additionally you would need to purchase a blender. A Vitamix blender and its ice crushing commercial use power is the perfect machine to give you the smooth consistency that you require. Many different flavours can be created by simply switching up the ingredients or adding additional ingredients to your base!