Spring is finally here! Within the next couple of months most places notice an increase of customers. Tourist season can vary from year to year, depending on your location, weather, cruise ship plans, school ending, vacations starting, etc. Because of the many different variables, it can be hard to predict when to increase your product orders and even your staff!

Look at reports for your company’s sales throughout the last couple of years, find out an average of time when you had a spike of sales and when sales began to decrease. This will not give you an exact date to start increasing your staff or product orders but will offer you a reliable timeline.

Make sure that if you require extra staff, you begin your hiring process before the busy season hits! Busy season is already complicated enough as we’re coming out of our winter hibernation. If you’re training during it, you or your employees may become overwhelmed in the chaos. Ask your current staff ahead of time about any vacation they may be taking to ensure that you have your bases covered in both your training schedule and your staff schedule.

To decide on specials to run, find out where your customers are traveling from. Encourage your staff to asks travellers to share their travel story and home location. For the following year, implement drinks or food that are found in most tourist locations. For example, if you receive a lot of customers from Australia, you may want to consider adding a “Flat White” to your menu! The benefit of this isn’t just for your out of town customers, but also for your local customers who may inquire about your new special and discover a new favourite product.

You can take the above step even further by finding out what diets are trending. In our area (Annapolis Valley) there has recently been a spike in the KETO Diet. Anticipate offering selections for multiple dietary needs, there should be something on the menu for everyone. Sometimes that may mean creating a new product, sometimes that may mean adjusting some ingredients in your current product to allow for an easy change at a customer’s request.

Make sure to share this product on your social media accounts for the best out-reach! When clients come in and tell you they’re traveling, ask them HOW they heard of you. This will give you a better understanding of which social media accounts to focus on, or if perhaps it is good old-fashioned word of mouth!

As far as coffee goes, there are a few different factors to consider.

What is the turn around time? Here at Nova Coffee our turn around time is two business days. We receive your order it gets roasted the following day and sent to you the day after that. Things to consider about the turn around are if you are an HRM delivery (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) or if you are receiving your product via courier. Courier orders usually arrive within 2-3 days from shipment. If you have an overly large order, we allow up to a five-business day turn around. Inquire with our office if you’re concerned about this time line.

How long can you keep it on the shelf? You want to have easy access to coffee and give yourself a bit of an overflow if there is a wait time between orders. However, you don’t want to have TOO much coffee sitting on your shelf. If you are ordering bi-weekly, make sure you are ordering enough to get through 16-17 days to allow for processing time or an unexpected increase of customers. The quality of your coffee will be important to your customers, especially your repeat customers! You want to ensure that they always receive a fresh cup. Meaning not only how frequently you bring in fresh roasted coffee, but also being consistent in brewing fresh pots every 1-2 hours at your pre-determined weight.

Do you need new equipment? Do you need maintenance done to your equipment? It’s not ideal to install or repair equipment in the busy season, especially if you don’t have back-up equipment to use while the installation is taking place. Of course, this is sometimes unavoidable! If you foresee any equipment installations or routine maintenance taking place you should schedule it to be done in the spring. This will clear you up for the busy season and cause the least amount of disruption! Do regular maintenance such as cleaning your espresso machine, brewers and grinders in the evening after you have closed for the day. If you are a high-volume location, factor this in as part of your daily closing requirements. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding regular care for your equipment!

How many suppliers are you using? It’s nice to try and get the most product possible from one location. Here at Nova Coffee, we specialize in coffee but offer a variety of cups, lids, teas, syrups, chocolates and so much more! We are always interested in our clients requesting product. Simplify your ordering by ordering most of your product from one location.

What’s the monthly special? Plan with promotions taking place and order accordingly. Interested in knowing more about our monthly specials? Sign up for our newsletter at www.novacoffee.com to stay in the know!