There are a lot of grinders out there. Whether you are starting a business, upgrading or just want to brew some really great coffee from the comfort of your own home, there are some decisions to be made!


Most commonly I have spoken to people who have told me that they love coffee, but they just don’t love it as much at home as they do in a coffee shop. One of my first questions to them is whether they grind their own beans. If the answer is yes, I continue to ask them if they know if they have an electric or burr grinder at home.

Electric grinders are convenient, inexpensive and also inconsistent. Electric grinders typically go only one speed, the blades are kept at the same height, spinning and forcing the beans to spin with them. This gives the grinder more of a “chopping” motion, rather than a grinding motion. If you were to use the same electric grinder two times in a row and compare the coffee grounds, you would visibly see the inconsistency in the grind. The result being, an inconsistent pot or cup of coffee.

Burr grinders are also convenient, but usually a hand crank device for home use. If you drink large amounts of coffee at home, you may want to look at getting an automatic burr grinder to grind more coffee at once. The burrs are most commonly made of steel for the less expensive grinders, but available in ceramic for a higher price. The grinders are adjustable in which you can set the burrs closer together for a finer grind (like for an espresso grind) or farther apart for a coarse grind (for a French press). If you use multiple devices to brew coffee or just want a more consistent cup of coffee at home, you will want to invest in a burr grinder.

When we help cafés and restaurants get set up and are looking for a great espresso grinder, we recommend a Nuova Simmonelli Mythos Clima Pro grinder. This is really the king of all espresso grinders in our opinion. It has titanium burrs that are designed to last up to 2x longer than other material. It is user friendly, with a hopper that holds a 1kg bag of coffee and hands-free efficiency. This grinder was made to reduce waste by pouring the ground coffee directly into the middle of the portafilter and is a high production grinder with special attention to noise reduction. You can manually change grind settings with an easy to turn knob, without ever having to go into the saved settings on the grinder.

While the Mythos Clima Pro is a higher priced grinder, we can assure you that you will be pleased with the purchase! Not only would you save time and money with this grinder, but as is the usual way with things the investment will last you a long time if maintained properly.

If you’re looking for a grinder that would be appropriate to grind pots for brewing or bags of coffee for retail, we recommend the Bunn G1 grinder. This grinder holds 1lb of beans at a time and uses steel burrs to grind. It is easy to use with pictures guiding you to the correct grind. The grinder starts with the push of a button and stops when the bag is removed. While grinding the bag pushes against a lever that indicates the grinder to continue. This grinder is perfect in a retail setting if you are grinding 1lb bags for customers. 1lb of coffee grinds in 30 seconds!

Whatever your budget or needs, we are here to help you decide which type of grinder will be best suited for you. Here I listed our favourite two grinders, but there are many more to choose from!