Summer is here! Along with it we have brought in a new product. Numi Iced Tea comes in a pre-portioned bag that makes a gallon of tea!

I got to experiment with these here at the office. They are delicious! These teas are the perfect addition to your cafe or restaurant. You can brew them and serve as is, or sweeten them with a 1883 syrup, stevia or liquid sugar! Try mixing flavours or adding soda water to create your own special drink!


Brewing Numi Iced Tea

  • Clean out your brew funnel and carafe throughly. If possible designate a carafe to be used only for iced tea.
  • Put your pre-portioned tea bag inside of your empty carafe
  • Press your brew button to fill your carafe with hot water
  • Start your timer! Each Numi Iced Tea has instructions for how long to steep.
  • Once you have reached your desired steeping time, pour your tea over 1 gallon of ice.
  • Remove your tea bag and clean your carafe out.
  • Add desired sweetener and enjoy!    *I would add your sweetener directly to the cup you are serving in. This allows you to have more options available to those who may not wish to use sweetener


Making Liquid Sugar

  • Mix equal parts of hot water and sugar
  • Wisk together
  • Let cool and pour into a dispensing container. *You could re-purpose an 1883 bottle for this!

1 gallon beverage dispenser, $29.99. Add fruit or mint leaves for an eye catching display!