Summer is here! Though we have had a few debateable days weather wise I think we can officially announce that summer has arrived and with it so has patio season.

With summer arriving you will also notice an increase in requests for iced drinks. Once the winter chill leaves people practically can’t wait to head to their local café and grab an iced coffee. Clearly this is a refreshing drink and meant to be enjoyed on a warm day! Does this mean that your brewed coffee sales will go down? If they do they will not be substantial. In my experience people love to drink warm things in warm weather just as much as they love the cool refreshing drinks! Also, with an increased volume of customers it will probably equal out to how many warm drinks you sold in the winter.

Now what does having iced coffee mean? Do you just pour brewed coffee over ice? NO! Pouring hot coffee over ice will give you the result of a watered-down cup of coffee and when serving products, you always want to keep its integrity intact.

If you have the use of an espresso machine at your disposal you have basically unlimited iced coffee options! Iced americanos, iced lattes, iced flavoured drinks and so much more. This is a great option not just because you can make so many iced drinks, but also because it allows you to be versatile with your customers needs. Decaf? No problem! One shot? Easy! Quad? You got it!

Cold brew coffee has also recently taken off! You can try your hand at making your own cold brew or order in the ready to go packages and just brew overnight and serve throughout the day! Make sure to grab yourself a nice server that people can see the product. Cold brew is a tasty up and coming beverage that is often drank black. However, customers can also add dairy / non-dairy milk to this. It’s a good idea if you are going to be serving cold brew to keep some liquid sugar on hand. Granulated sugar will not dissolve in cold drinks and you won’t be starting with a warm espresso base with this drink. Liquid sugar is easy to make, just mix equal parts of hot water and sugar together and let it cool! Unfortunately, there isn’t a huge demand for decaf cold brew, so make sure you have an alternative option for those who require decaffeinated drinks.

Of course, you want to keep cold drinks in mind for those who don’t drink coffee. Italian sodas are a huge hit with both adults and kids and can come in a variety of flavours using your favourite 1883 syrups. Play around, mix and match flavours and let your customers have fun picking!

Frappes seem to be getting more popular every year. This drink can be caffeinated with espresso or just mixed by itself to make a frozen hot chocolate! Frappe mix comes in traditional chocolate and white chocolate. Try with a bit of 1883 flavouring and see if you can come up with your own special drink!

Iced teas are also growing more popular in Canada. In the USA (especially the south), practically everyone is drinking a refreshing iced tea. We have just brought in three flavours of Numi iced teas, Highbury Mountain Black, Berried Treasure and Citrus Green. Each pouch is already measured out with enough tea to make a gallon, so you don’t need to worry about measuring! Just brew into a clean 2.5L gravity server or airpot. Let cool and pour over ice into your server and you’re ready to go! These iced teas come unsweetened, so you can let your customer choose if they want to add a flavoured 1883 syrup or just drink it as is. Have fun with these, you can add mint leaves or different fruits to your clear server for an extra tasty drink!

We want you to get the best out of your iced drink experience. You can purchase all items needed for iced drinks directly from us, including the servers! Send us an email to or call us at 902-681-8430 to get started with your iced drink sales!