So last night I was browsing Instagram and came across a few very neat drink ideas! It turns out after a bit of research that some of these are actually a few years old, so I’m not sure if I personally have just missed them, or if they haven’t made it to the East Coast yet. Check out what I found below!


Activated Charcoal Latte

Also known as the “Goth Latte” despite the name does not actually contain any espresso! The blog posts that I read regarding this product didn’t suggest adding espresso to the drink, but leaned more towards the fact that the drink was generally meant to be an eye catcher.

A few different recipes came up in my search but the most popular recipes seem to involve nut milk over whole milk. The reason apparently being that the nut milk binds the charcoal better.

Whisk the charcoal with hot water, add a sweetener if you choose (some recipes called for simple syrup, honey or maple syrup) and then pour your milk. This provides you with a deep black base to create latte art on top of. It was also suggested to serve this drink in a clear vessel so the customers really see the whole beautiful picture.

It was also recommended by one blogger, not to drink your activated charcoal latte at least 1-2 hours before or after taking any medication. This can apparently negate the medication properties. Good to know!

Activated Charcoal has been hitting the health market in the last couple of years, known for it’s binding and flushing out unwanted toxins. Relieving your system from heavy metals, alcohol, gas and bloating. I personally have seen a rise in the use of activated charcoal in skin care products.


Ube Latte

I read this and immediately had to look up what a “Ube” is. Turns out this is a kind of yam from the Philippines. Don’t worry though, you will not have to cook or mash this yam as I first thought! You can purchase an “Ube Flavouring” either in a powder or a liquid from Amazon.

I have found recipes for both steamers and lattes. I suppose it depends on what you’re looking to get out of the drink and the colour you’re aiming for! I also saw this delicious beverage as an iced or hot drink. Try them both and let me know which one you prefer!

Add your ube extract to the milk of your choice and mix thoroughly. Some recipes called for additional spices such as cinnamon & nutmeg, and the sweetener of your choice. Adding your milk mixture to your espresso which produces a stunning purple colour. Top the drink with a little coconut whipped cream to make it extra special!

An ube is mostly known for being high in vitamin A, but also contain a variety of minerals and healing agents. It was recommended by several writers to include ube in your daily routine because of their amazing health benefits. One blogger even made an ube ice cream!


Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Now this is on my must try list! This stunning tisane is made from the flowers of a plant called the Clitoria Ternatea most popular in south-east Asia. Sometimes known as “Blue Matcha” this tea yields a stunning blue colour when steeped properly but also has the ability of changing colours when an acidic component is added to it! Add a bit of lemon juice and watch it turn from blue to purple. You can find this tea also on Amazon!

Served either on its own as an herbal tea, or in a latte! In order to create this stunning blue latte, simply steep your concentrate of tea with your sweetener and then pour your milk. The bright blue should be the perfect base for some great latte art!

You can also serve this as an iced drink. Add your milk and ice to the bottom of your glass and pour the blue tea on top, this should create a really eye appealing colour separation!

Keeping with the trend of these new found drinks, Blueberry Pea Flower Tea also has great health benefits! Full of antioxidants to fight off infections, this tea naturally fights against glycation (protein damage caused by sugar molecules) and is great for your heart health!


Beet Root Latte

Now this one I HAVE heard of before! We received samples last fall from our supplier of beet root powder. This powder gives a beautiful pinkish colour to your drink. Add some ginger and cinnamon on the top of this drink, use the milk of your choice and sweeten with either honey or maple syrup. Yum!

As you would with your other powder bases, whisk the beet root powder with hot water and sweetener of choice well, then pour your milk to create your latte art! This drink would be a stunning addition to any menu, especially for Valentines Day!

Beets have great nitrate properties. Meaning that this veggie naturally helps your vessels relax and to decrease your blood pressure. Feeling stressed? Drink a beet root latte!


Oat Milk

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again! Oat milk is now the #1 milk substitute to have on your menu. Scroll through Instagram and it’s clear to see that oat milk lattes are taking over! Not only is it a nice lactose free and vegan option, oats are high in fibre and protein. Providing you with nutrients like potassium, iron, calcium and a multitude of vitamins. Ideal for all of the lattes mentioned above, or a traditional latte made with espresso. Your customers will love this creamy textured milk!



So, after doing all of this research, I have come to the conclusion that superfood lattes are definitely on trend for 2019. I am looking at bringing all of these new ingredients in to do some sampling in our cupping lab. If you have tried any of the drinks mentioned above, reach out to me with your thoughts!