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Providing professional coffee service since April 1st, 1973

Nova CoffeeNova Coffee has been providing professional coffee service since April 1st, 1973. Initially, Nova Coffee was an OCS or Office Coffee Service company; we only placed brewers on loan to offices. This gradually changed over the years as we received more and more calls from restaurants and coffee shops. In the fall of 2004 we decided to sell the office portion of our business and concentrate on foodservice only. This is where our interest lies. Our business is very focused; we specialize in assessing each customer’s needs and then determining the proper coffee brewing equipment and coffee to best meet those needs. Good coffee makes business a pleasure and we know good coffee!

Since our inception many changes have taken place in the way coffee is prepared and served. Glass coffee pots are no longer the preferred method for holding coffee. Thermal servers have become increasingly popular since the mid-eighties. When coffee is held in a thermal server it stays fresh for one to two hours rather than twenty minutes in a glass bowl.

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Another change is the return to better tasting coffee. When the killer frost of the seventies crippled Brazil’s coffee exports the coffee industry responded by brewing our favourite beverage with less and less coffee in the brew funnel. This weaker coffee was partly responsible for the continued decline in coffee drinking that started in the late sixties when instant coffee was popular. Fortunately a movement began in the eighties that promoted “gold cup coffee brewing standards”. The organization that spawned this return to great coffee was the Coffee Development Group. They worked with many university campuses and local roaster distributors like our own company to introduce college students to coffee the way it should be. At the same time Starbucks Coffee was gaining popularity on the west coast and “specialty coffee” was born. A new trade association came out of the Coffee Development Group called the Specialty Coffee Association of America” or SCAA. These changes have led us to bring our customers up “the ladder of quality” in order that they can serve their customers the same quality coffee available at the best cafes.

At Nova Coffee we strive to ensure our customers have the right coffee brewing equipment and serve coffee that tastes great. Anyone can sell you coffee, we make sure your equipment is calibrated and your coffee is brewed at the proper coffee to water ratios. And if espresso coffee is part of your future plans or if you need to replace a worn out espresso machine, we will guide you through the purchase of equipment, training of your staff and service to your equipment. As you read through our catalog you will notice that we carry a wide variety of beverage related products. What we actually sell is coffee service and we back that service with a strong commitment and dedication by our staff!! If you are not a customer of ours already, we look forward to being your coffee service supplier.

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