The Right Equipment

Almost all of the coffee we sell is our small batch roasted coffee available only in whole bean. This means you will need a grinder or grinders. Most dining rooms and cafes require one plumbed in high heat coffee brewer and one portion or retail coffee grinder for up to one hundred seats. If you are doing any amount of tea volume, especially tea in pots, you will also need a water tower, bringing your equipment total to three pieces. In addition you will need three to five thermal carafes. Restaurants and dining rooms typically do table service with 1.9L hand held thermal carafes. Coffee shops usually brew into 2.5L thermal gravity pots or 2.5L airpots. If your seating capacity is above one hundred seats we will help you determine what additional equipment you may need.

A new thermal carafe plumbed in coffee brewer with hot water faucet and 220 volt electrical is $1169.00 plus HST. Grinders are $1400.00 to $1500.00 plus HST. Water towers are $913.00 plus HST. A typical 100 seat dining room or busy 60 seat café will spend approximately $3500.00 plus HST for these three pieces of equipment. We can order the equipment in for you and install it to your water and electrical utilities.